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Existo provides support and service for cannabis businesses throughout the United States. From business consulting to grow control automation – we have your back.

Your Proven & Trusted Cannabis Partner

We understand the challenges present in the cannabis industry and how they can be navigated to success. We offer unmatched service in combination with dedicated support and experienced technicians.


Our compliance services are designed to help you navigate complicated local, state and federal regulations. We can tailor our service to any license type.


Advancing industry standards through the use of technology. Engineering state of the art business networks for Voice, Data, and compliance. 


Compliant focused security solutions for your facility and operations. Security Plans, Risk Assessment, Training, System Integration and Installation.


Our team of cultivation experts can assist with facility design, best processes, equipment sourcing, project management and more. Include us in the buildout of your facility.

Cannabis Clients that Trust Existo

Supurb- a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.
arcanna - a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.
Freedom Green Farms - a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.
Highlands Grow - a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.
Trap House Company - a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.
Rolling Embers - a cannabis business partnered with Existo Solutions.

Who is Existo?

Existo was formed by consultants in the Healthcare and Technology industries. All of us are born and raised in Michigan. We are a true full-service cannabis business consulting firm set out to bring our customers success in a competitive market.

We are dedicated to the prosperity of the legal cannabis industry and will continue to educate ourselves in best practice. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has recognized us as an official business partner to the Social Equity Program.

What We Do

Existo specializes in bringing success to your cannabis business by way of Compliance, Cultivation, Security, and Technology. We provide everything you need for a solid business foundation, remaining compliant & operational, and fully understanding the fine details of the rules & regulations at hand.

Cultivation Consulting

Existo Solutions - Cannabis Facility Design

If you’re searching for a partner to help with your cultivation facility operation, look no further. Our We offer a full line of cultivation consulting services.

Facility Design

Garden Technology

Workflow & SOPs

Cultivation Troubleshooting

Lean Gardening Techniques

Our Partners

About Existo

Existo formed in 2016 after discovering a need for compliance assistance in the Michigan regulated cannabis market. We began by offering Metrc consulting, compliance support, and technology implementation to early licensed operators in the state.

Since then, we’ve transformed into a turn-key cannabis cultivation facility resource. We offer facility design, build-out assistance, and operational support to cannabis grow facilities throughout the United States.

Existo is dedicated to bringing value to independent owners and operators in this highly competitive market.

Cannabis Consulting - Existo Solutions

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