4 Essentials of an Effective Curbside and Delivery Service for your Cannabis Business


There has never been a better time to launch curbside and delivery services for your retail cannabis business! During the COVID-19 pandemic, most cannabis businesses have been deemed essential, authorizing them to remain open to the public under the condition that they observe social distancing guidelines. Many states have even issued temporary licenses and authority to offer curbside and delivery services for legal cannabis.

With these new mandates in place all over the country, curbside and delivery is the safest way for people to obtain their favorite cannabis products. In addition to providing a safe distance between employees and customers, it also makes your products more accessible to individuals who are less mobile, such as people who are elderly or disabled.

1. Planning for Curbside & Delivery

Some cannabis businesses choose to utilize existing popular platforms such as WeedMaps, Dutchie, and Leafly for their curbside and delivery needs. These systems work great for some businesses as they offer the convenience of a pre-built platform. However, many cannabis businesses are opting to cut out the middleman and launch curbside and delivery services on their own.

This is a great option because it allows complete control and customization of the entire process. In order to set up your curbside and delivery services, we recommend that you focus on these key areas.

4 Essentials of an Effective Curbside & Delivery Service for your Cannabis Business - Existo Solutions

2. Inventory Management

With online ordering for curbside and delivery, it’s crucial that you maintain accurate inventory tracking. Using the right inventory management software designed specifically for cannabis businesses can help ensure tracking of multiple sales channels. This will ensure that product availability is up-to-date for online orders and that they can be fulfilled correctly. Avoid running out of popular products, potentially causing you to miss out on sales, by maintaining the right amount of inventory at all times.

3. POS System

An efficient wireless payment system is one of the key components to a seamless transaction process. Not only does this system need to be secure, it needs to easily integrate with other components such as customer profiles, inventory management, and finance. You need a POS system that’s reliable and can process various payment methods quickly.

Need Help With Your Cannabis Business?

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4. Marketing for Cannabis Curbside & Delivery Services

Once you’ve got these awesome new services to offer your customers, let them know about it! Make sure you get the word out there to all of your new and existing customers. An automated SMS tool is a great way to spread the word about your curbside and delivery options as well as other store updates and promotions. Existo recommends Good Method for all of your cannabis marketing needs.

Ready to launch curbside and delivery services for your cannabis business? Existo offers cannabis business solutions tailored to your needs. Our experts can guide you through the highly regulated process and get your curbside and delivery services up and running. Whether your existing system needs improvement or you’re looking to launch these new services for your cannabis business, Existo can help! ​Contact us​ today to get started.

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