Are Your Scales NTEP Certified?


NTEP Certification ensures that scales have undergone rigorous testing and met the strict requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. These scales have been specifically designed and calibrated to deliver accurate and reliable measurements consistently. By utilizing NTEP Certified scales in your cannabis business, you can instill confidence in your customers and ensure that every transaction is conducted with precision and fairness.

Cannabis has long been traded by weight, even before its legalization. In the pre-legalization era, the accuracy of scales used for buying and selling cannabis was often questionable at best. While minor discrepancies might not have had a significant impact on sellers’ profits when dealing with small quantities, the scenario has drastically changed with the advent of legalization and the rapid expansion of the retail cannabis industry.

Whether you operate a dispensary, cultivation facility, or distribution center, investing in certified scales demonstrates your commitment to upholding industry standards and providing a reliable and transparent experience for your customers. From accurately weighing products during purchases to ensuring precise inventory management, NTEP Certified scales contribute to the overall integrity of the cannabis industry and promote trust among stakeholders.

What is NTEP Certification?

NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program. This program ensures precision and accuracy of weight measurements for all items sold commercially in the US. This includes just about every item that is sold commercially by weight such as meat, produce, gold, pharmaceuticals, and of course cannabis. Obtaining NTEP Certification by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) means that your scales are properly calibrated and inspected ensuring accuracy of every transaction. 

Handbook 44 is the prescribing document for all the technical requirements and specifications of legal-for-trade scales. Manufacturers and service agents use this handbook to ensure compliance and performance of NTEP Certified devices. 

Why is NTEP Certification Important?

  • First and foremost, it’s required by most state and local regulations. Registration of units as well as annual inspection is required for all scales used in commercial transactions. If your business is caught using a scale for commercial use that does not have the proper seal or Certificate of Compliance, your business could face hefty fines or even be forced to shut down. 
  • Having properly calibrated and approved NTEP devices ensure that you are able to accurately track inventory. From seed to store, accurate weights and measurements are crucial in order to comply with strict tracking requirements.
  • You don’t want to short your customers (or yourself!). Measure product and process transactions with confidence knowing that each customer is getting what they paid for.

Need Help With Your Cannabis Business?

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How to Obtain NTEP Certified Scales?

Obtaining an NTEP Certified scale is relatively easy. However it is important to note, that you can’t just begin using a scale right out of the box. Before you can start using an NTEP certified device, it must be inspected and approved. 

The environment that the scale is going to be used in is just as important as the actual device itself. The scale needs to be used on a solid, level surface where it can be easily accessed without having to move it at all. It’s important to NOT move the scale once it has been approved and sealed. Moving the device after it has already been approved may throw off the precision of the device and will require recalibration and verification before it can legally be used again. 

After registering your new device with NCWM and completing inspection, the certifying professional will place a seal on your device and issue a Certificate of Compliance. The device is then “Placed in Service,” meaning that it is ready to be used in commercial transactions. 

Have questions about NTEP Certification and legal-for-trade requirements? The experts at Existo Solutions can help! At Existo, our experts offer innovative solutions with a compliance first approach. We can assist your cannabis business with implementation of NTEP approved devices and protocols ensuring a smooth evaluation process. Contact Us today to get started.

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