Does Your ISP Support Your Cannabis Business?


The internet service provider (ISP) for your cannabis business is more important than you think. It’s what powers your company’s entire IT infrastructure for operations and security. From hardware to software, there are multiple components needed to start, or sustain, your cannabis business. These components require reliable and secure internet to run properly. 

Connectivity Issues Are Bad For Business

A reliable internet connection is necessary to support all the devices and software needed to run your business. Keeping these systems running at optimal speeds allows you to maintain productivity while meeting the demand of your customers. Some of the systems that rely on a stable internet connection include: 

  • Check-in software and devices
  • POS and payment processing systems
  • Inventory management software
  • Compliance reporting systems, such as Metrc
  • Unified Communications 

If your internet goes down because of a poor connection or not enough bandwidth, it can really hurt your business. You won’t be able to check in customers, process transactions, or accurately track your inventory. This puts a halt to your operations, resulting in unhappy customers and loss of revenue. 

Internet Security Equals Compliance For Your Cannabis Business

Not only do you need a reliable connection, it also needs it to be secure. Security and compliance go hand-in-hand when it comes to running your cannabis business. Your customers want to know that their information is secure. While cannabis security requirements vary by state, many of them require the same basic elements. This includes:

  • Building access control to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering certain spaces
  • 24 hour camera surveillance which can be viewed in real time and stored
  • Physical security of servers as well as the information stored on them
  • Secured internet access for credit card terminals to process payment transactions 
  • Storage systems connected to alarms

All of these require a secure internet connection. A breach of any of these systems could be a detriment to your cannabis business and to your security compliance plans. Non-compliance of required security systems can result in hefty fines from state regulatory agencies.

Not Sure If Your Current ISP Is Up To Par?

You know you need a reliable and secure internet connection, but you’re not sure if your current system is sufficient? The experts at Existo can get your cannabis business connected with the ISP it needs. By assessing your current ISP and technological components, we can determine the right amount of speed and bandwidth to help your cannabis business grow. We offer a variety of options for service providers and speeds at an affordable price. 

Existo takes a compliance first approach when it comes to technology, security, and business solutions. We have been a trusted partner providing internet and technology solutions for all facility types in the cannabis industry.  Contact Us today for a free consultation!

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