Existo & VIVOTEK Provide Security Solutions For Michigan Cannabis Cultivation Facility


Security for your cannabis facility plays a major role in cannabis business compliance in Michigan. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has stringent requirements when it comes to security camera coverage and data storage at cannabis facilities. Access control, loss prevention, fire, and alarm systems are also part of the Michigan MRA Security Requirements. Cannabis compliance experts can implement a Security Plan at your facility to meet these requirements for licensing.

Security And Cannabis Compliance Go Hand In Hand

Michigan MRA requires all licensed cannabis businesses to participate in a tracking system designed to provide transparency in the supply chain. To fulfill this requirement, Michigan MRA has chosen Metrc to provide seed-to-sale tracking of all cannabis products. Security and surveillance is another tool that can be used to monitor inventory. A robust Security Plan can help deter theft and loss of product.

VIVOTEK FE9181-H fisheye fixed dome network security camera for indoors and general work areas

Flawless Security Planning For Cultivation Facilities

Existo recently executed a flawless Security Plan for a new cultivation facility in Northern Michigan, Freedom Green. Freedom Green is a 45,000 sq ft facility that focuses on sustainable, high quality cannabis for medical and recreational use. This facility has six different rooms used to grow and harvest quality controlled cannabis. 

After inspecting the building, we quickly got to work developing a Security Plan to protect the facility and satisfy the MRA security requirements. The MRA requires cameras that can capture clear images of people and activities, at all times. This goes for both inside and outside the facility. 

Grow facilities offer a unique challenge when it comes to security camera surveillance. With varying climates inside grow rooms as well as areas with low lighting, Existo was faced with designing a security camera layout that could be implemented in the facility while satisfying the MRA requirements.

Need Help With Your Cannabis Business?

Question about your grow facility? Looking to improve a process? Contact Existo Solutions today for a free 20 minute consultation. Existo is an established Cannabis Expert in Michigan and can provide expert guidance on meeting regulations and improving efficiency in growing facilities.

For this project, Existo teamed up with VIVOTEK to establish proper security monitoring of this cultivation facility. As the leading brand in global security surveillance, VIVOTEK offers a variety of high quality products to choose from. In order to cover all areas inside and outside the facility, A total of 70 cameras were used. Each camera was carefully selected for all areas of this facility.

VIVOTEK’s ND9541 H.265 Linux-based embedded standalone NVR

Access Control Solutions For Cannabis Facilities

The Security Plan for this facility also included door access control systems from Paxton Net2 controller suite. Paxton provides state of the art access control technology for buildings around the world. Their technology is user friendly and allows security personnel to easily control access to the building and restricted areas.

Existo And VIVOTEK Exceed Michigan MRA Security Requirements

In addition to assisting this facility pass inspection, the system we designed was complimented as the highest quality in terms of coverage and camera quality by the MRA enforcement agent during the state licensing walkthrough.

Security Planning For Your Cannabis Facility

Existo takes a compliance first approach when it comes to security and technology solutions for your cannabis business. We have been a trusted partner in the cannabis industry providing Security Plans and solutions for all facility types. With cutting edge technology and an in-depth knowledge of cannabis compliance regulations, Existo can design a Security Plan for your facility. Contact Us today for a free Security Plan consultation for your cannabis facility!

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