How to Prepare for the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection


The Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection is one of the final steps to legally operating your business. Once your business has been issued a license to operate, you have one year to pass a Commencement Inspection by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS). Failure to pass the Commencement Inspection during this timeframe may result in your license being revoked. 

Medical marijuana businesses in the state of Missouri must navigate a complex web of rules and regulations to ensure compliance with zoning and code enforcement requirements. The Commencement Inspection serves as a crucial milestone, signifying that the business has met all the necessary criteria and is ready to legally operate. This inspection evaluates various aspects of the facility, including security measures, equipment installation, proper ventilation, waste disposal, and adherence to specific regulations related to medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or dispensing. By successfully completing the Commencement Inspection, businesses demonstrate their commitment to operating within the legal framework and meeting the stringent standards set forth by the state of Missouri.

When To Request Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection

Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation advises licensed facilities to request a Commencement Inspection when they believe they are ready to open within about a month. This means that all documentation, plans, and facility requirements must be established. If your facility fails the Commencement Inspection or requires multiple visits, this can significantly delay the approval process. It’s important to get it right the first time.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection Application

The Commencement Inspection process begins with the application. DHSS staff will review the facility application along with required documentation. This is how they will make a determination if a facility is ready for inspection. Some of the documents you are expected to provide with your application include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Facility Layout
  • Employee Training Materials
  • Transportation Policies & Procedures

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After Your Submit Your Commencement Inspection Application

Once you have submitted your application and accompanying documents, it’s time to complete the final steps prior to your Commencement Inspection:

  • Metrc Registration – Establish your business with Metrc and designate a System Administrator.
  • Apply for Agent ID Card – Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation requires all employees, owners, operators, contractors, and other support staff to obtain an Agent ID Card. Agent ID Card holders must have their ID on them at all times while inside the facility or while performing any duties on the facility’s behalf.
  • Create Required Record Logs – Establish and document log and record keeping process for your facility. 
  • NTEP Certification for Scales – All scales used in the facility must be NTEP Certified. Under Missouri law, scales must be certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures.
  • Compile Documents – Gather all required documents that DHSS will review during the inspection. Full list of documents can be found here.

Preparing for the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection is no easy task. It takes months to plan out and document every detail of your facility. The experts at Existo have helped all facility types with inspection preparation. We want to help your facility pass the inspection!

Schedule A FREE Consultation With Existo’s Virtual Compliance Officer

Our Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO) service puts Existo’s team of experts on your front-line. The VCO group will act as your in-house compliance resource to help your facility prepare for and pass the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection. From facilities design and permitting to everyday operations, our experts are with you each step of the way. Schedule your consultation here.

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