5 Reasons Why You Need A Cannabis Cultivation Consultant


Hiring a cannabis cultivation consultant is a necessary investment for every grow operation. A lot of experimentation goes on behind the scenes to create a bounty of beautiful buds. In addition, managing an entire facility effectively and efficiently requires a lot of planning and preparation. Generic grow plans are widely available, but they won’t get your business very far. Every facility and operation offers its own unique challenges. This is where hands-on customization comes in. If you are deciding if you need a cultivation consultant, here are five things to consider.

1. Strain Selection and Sourcing Knowledge

There are currently hundreds of cannabis strains available. With over 700 strains to choose from, selecting the right ones to cultivate in your facility can be challenging. Each one has its own distinctive features and characteristics from aroma and taste to desired effects. How do you know which strains to choose? Before selecting the right strains for your facility, one of the biggest considerations will be the market trends and demand. Also consider what your final product will be used for: oil, hash, wax, flower, etc. A cultivation consultant will be able to provide some of the best options for quality high yields. 

2. Avoid Beginner Mistakes

A lot of experimentation goes on behind the scenes to create a bounty of beautiful buds. Cannabis production takes months from seed to harvest. Mistakes attributed to inexperience can wipe out your entire crop, eliminating profits and wasting months of work. Avoid beginners mistakes by leaving the work to professionals. A cultivation consultant can help you avoid problems with your system operations before they occur as well as provide solutions to any problems that you are facing. 

3. Network of Cannabis Professionals

As trusted professionals in the industry for years, we have developed relationships with a large network of contacts. This network of professionals understands the unique needs of the cannabis industry. From HVAC, to lighting, and irrigation if you are looking for a provider, we can offer referrals to help make your project successful.

4. Training for employees

Once your facility is up and running, your staff needs to be trained on how to run the day-to-day operations. Automation of certain processes and climate control can be beneficial, because it allows for consistency. However, there is also a lot of hands on, manual labor required to run a successful cultivation facility. Does your staff know how to spot deficiencies and nutrient problems? Do they know how to correct these issues before it’s too late? This is where training is crucial. By educating staff on plant growth stages, signs of deficiencies, and best practices you can have confidence that your facility is running optimally. 

5. Compliance Experts

Above all else, compliance in the cannabis industry is the most important and often challenging aspect. The requirements continue to evolve as the industry grows, but that doesn’t have to be a roadblock for your business. With a trusted cannabis cultivation professional on your team, you can rest assured that your business is in excellent hands. Contact Us today for a free consultation and learn more about our cultivation services.

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