CO2 Monitoring with Trolmaster Carbon X


CO2 Monitoring in indoor cannabis cultivation facilities is a mandatory requirement from municipalities. The TrolMaster Carbon-X system can monitor your supplemental CO2 usage and also protect customers near commercial indoor growing areas. The system satisfies all local and state regulations. It’s modular components allow you to customize the system to fit any requirements, while being able to monitor up to 13 zones.

CO2 Monitoring for Cannabis Cultivation Grow Facilities

Customize your CO2 Monitoring System

The Tromaster Carbon X system is customizable based off of the components your facility requires. The CD1-A main controller can support up to 13 Zones and control up to 40 devices – which usually is a combination of dry contact controls, ON and OFF outlets, and a variety of audible/visual alarms.

CO2 Monitoring Alarms

The Carbon-X system by Trolmaster is designed to meet the diverse alarm requirements of different settings. With a range of visual and audio alarm units available, this system ensures that you can effectively fulfill any mandatory safety requirements.

For audible alarm notifications, the AS-1 Unit is an ideal choice. It provides clear and attention-grabbing audible alerts, ensuring that any potential issues or critical events are promptly detected and addressed.

By incorporating the Carbon-X system into your setup, you can have confidence in meeting safety regulations and ensuring a secure environment. The combination of visual and audio alarms offered by Trolmaster’s Carbon-X system ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate alarm units for your specific needs, creating a comprehensive safety solution for your facility.

The CDA-1 Carbon-X Alarm Controller by Trolmaster

CO2 System Installation by Existo

If you’re on the hunt for a reputable and knowledgeable contractor to install your CO2 monitoring system, look no further. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop source for all of your cultivation technology needs. We are certified in the installation of all Trolmaster systems.

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