Cyber Security needs to become a priority for your cannabis business


Like any booming industry, there has been a “Green Tax” on almost every relatable service associated with cannabis. Prices are high and there is no end in sight. The cannabis industry is on the rise and expected to see tremendous growth in the next few years. All in part to more states becoming legal for medical and recreational use. The “green tax” will continue to rise as well.

The cannabis industry has now become one of the most highly targeted industries for cyber crime. Thread Actor organizations operate as a business out to make profit. Their targets are usually unsuspecting victims with an influx of money (IE: cannabis businesses, healthcare, financial organizations, etc.)

Are you prepared for a cyber attack?

Cyber attacks go unexpected and will typically catch you off guard. With little or no cyber security measures in place, your business will come to a screeching halt. Cyber attacks are engineered to make the most noticeable impact on day-to-day operations. Do you have preventative measures in place?

How would a successful cyber attack impact your cannabis business?

You hear about the data breaches and the ransomware cases in the worldwide news. Organizations spend millions of dollars on paying ransom, remediating systems, notifying clients of data loss, and complying with regulation to see that the situation is properly handled. It is far less expensive to invest in your cyber security posture now than it is to react to an attack.

There are a number of recent cyber security events that have directly impacted cannabis businesses.

Cyber Security for your Cannabis Business

Limit the chances of an attack by partnering with a trusted technology service provider. We are here to walk you through all of your options to enhance and secure your technology. Our technicians are highly accredited and certified in cyber security operations. Contact us today to discuss cyber security for your cannabis business.

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