How to select the best Cannabis Irrigation Controller for your facility


For cannabis cultivators, irrigation controllers are an essential part of cannabis cultivation. Without proper and consistent watering cannabis plants will wilt and dry out to a point where they will die. Some cannabis cultivators try to control their irrigation by hand but this is not only time-consuming but can be detrimental if done inconsistently or hastily. A cannabis irrigation controller automates the process of determining how much water to apply so that cannabis cultivators don’t have to deal with it at all.

Cannabis Irrigation Controller
The Trolmaster Aqua X is a modular irrigation control system.

How Cannabis Irrigation Controllers work

There are various types of cannabis irrigation controllers, each with different technologies. Some cannabis production systems use water-based measurements to decide how much water is needed by the cannabis plants while others use electrical resistance readings as an indicator of plant moisture levels. The choice between these two methods depends on the type of hydroponic system you have: if you grow your cannabis in soil, water-based cannabis irrigation controls will give you accurate results than electrical ones since soil moisture levels fluctuate more than water. However, cannabis irrigation controllers using electrical resistance readings tend to be more expensive but give more accurate cannabis cultivation results for cannabis production systems with hydroponic growing mediums like coco coir or rockwool.

Cannabis irrigation controllers are also available in different sizes, depending on the size of your cannabis cultivation facility and cannabis plants you have. Some cannabis production facilities might need only a simple cannabis irrigation control system that does the job well while others may require a complex one that can handle multiple types of plant measurements at once such as pH, humidity, and light intensity.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of cannabis irrigation controllers are manifold. For cannabis cultivators, they result in less time used on watering which leaves more time to produce cannabis, higher yields as cannabis is not stressed by inconsistent watering patterns, and better quality cannabis due to lack of risk that cannabis will be watered improperly. In addition to these benefits for cannabis cultivators, because cannabis irrigation controllers prevent overwatering issues cannabis plants are less likely to end up with root rot or other diseases from high moisture levels in soil.

In short: Cannabis cultivation requires precision applied towards almost every aspect of cultivation including watering so it’s important to select the cannabis irrigation controller which is right for your cannabis cultivation facility.

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How to select an irrigation controller

You will also have to consider your choice of cannabis irrigation controller based on how much you can invest in it and how often you’ll use it. It is a worthy investment if it helps automate cannabis production for years to come but having something too complicated or expensive that won’t even get used is just pointless – not just for your cannabis production facility but also because that would mean spending more than necessary without actually taking advantage of all the benefits cannabis irrigation control systems have to offer.

It really depends on how cannabis production operations are run in your cannabis cultivation facility and what works for you. As long as cannabis production results can be measured accurately, any cannabis irrigation controller would do – although some would cost more than others to maintain or use.

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