Cannabis Plant Genetics and Why it Matters to Your Grow


Cannabis plant genetics is a hot topic in cannabis cultivation. With the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry, cultivators are seeking innovative methods to stay competitive and elevate their cultivation practices. One avenue that has proven highly successful is the art of breeding new cannabis strains, meticulously crafted to possess enhanced characteristics, such as higher yields, improved terpene profiles, or heightened resistance against pests and diseases.

By gaining a deeper understanding of cannabis genetics, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and optimize your grow for maximum success in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

The basics of Cannabis Genetics

First, cannabis genetics is the study of how different cannabis strains are related to each other. Breeders use cannabis plant genetics for many purposes. For example, they may try to develop a new strain that has all of the desirable effects and qualities from several popular cannabis varieties that already exist.

Cannabis plant breeders develop cannabis strains to get new desired qualities such as higher yields or increased resistance. They do this by crossbreeding cannabis plants and looking for the characteristics they want in their plant.

For example, if a cannabis breeder wants to create a cannabis strain that has effects of both sativa and indica, they would crossbreed two cannabis plants with different genetics and hope the offspring inherits the properties from each parent.

Cannabis Plant Genetics are important to a good grow.

Cannabis Genetics for your cultivation facility

Cannabis cultivation facilities need cannabis strains that are suited for their environment. This is because cannabis plants have different needs depending on the climate and type of cannabis production facility. For example, cannabis which is grown outdoors in a dryer climate may require a cannabis strain that can withstand high temperatures and arid conditions, while those who cultivate cannabis indoors will want to grow a cannabis plant with less chlorophyll content because it has been found to be easier to produce higher yields when there is less chlorophyll content.

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Need Help With Your Facility?

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Existo can help with your genetic selection

One important consideration for commercial cannabis cultivation facilities when selecting what strains to grow is whether they want plants with high THC content or high CBD content. Commercial cannabis cultivation facilities should always consult an expert before making decisions about which strain they want because there are different benefits and drawbacks associated with each type of plant genetics. For example, plants which have high THC cannabis can produce a psychoactive effect but this type of plant is also more likely to attract unwanted pests.

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