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When generating architectural plans for your cannabis facility, one of the most important elements to take into consideration is making sure your cannabis facility meets its local municipalities cannabis zoning regulations. One way to ensure cannabis facility compliance is by having an experienced cannabis consultant or architect work directly with you and your engineer to design your cannabis facility. This will help save time and money at the end of the project because no major permitting obstacles will be found during construction.

Architectural Plans Design to reduce Cannabis Facility Built Cost

The second aspect to keep in mind when planning for cannabis facility buildout, is doing so within budget constraints. This can be challenging due to constantly changing cannabis laws across North America. However, if done correctly it can become part of your strategy for success within this burgeoning market. There are several steps that should be taken, before cannabis facility construction begins, to ensure you have a cannabis facility that not only meets all cannabis zoning requirements but also ways to reduce the cannabis facility build cost.

Conceptual architectural plans for a potential cannabis facility in Michigan

Concept, Design, and Architectural Plans Review

The next step to cannabis facility buildout is the initial planning phase. The three main stages in this phase are concept, design and plan review. During the concept phase an idea for a client will be created through CAD drawings or 3D renderings. This helps clients get a better feel for their project ideas before committing any architectural plans to paper. During blueprint development, existing construction documents if there are any, may be altered or deleted depending on what type of project you are working with. Also during blueprint development it is important for architects to have open communication with their clients so they can correct any errors along the way preventing costly mistakes later on down the road.

During plan review, your architect should communicate closely with your engineers so that everyone has a clear understanding of the technical aspects of the project. This also helps lay out a timeline for your cannabis facility buildout, so that you can stay on schedule and budget with your project.

Communicating with your Local Municipality

Communicating with your local municipality building department is something necessary when cannabis facility design. A cannabis consultant or cannabis architect should be involved in the cannabis facility buildout to help ensure that cannabis zoning requirements are met. It is also important when making cannabis facility design that there are no major permitting obstacles when construction begins, this can be achieved through proper architectural work.

Partner with Existo for all of your Cannabis Facility Planning needs

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