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Existo has served the cannabis industry since 2018. We assist any cannabis facility type – from cultivation to provisioning centers. Our solutions extend into technology, Metrc, cultivation consulting, and more.

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Existo is a collective of cannabis industry professionals. We cover a wide area of services designed to bring success to your cannabis business or idea. 

We are the most Metrc validated compliance professionals in the United States. Contact us to discuss your project.

How We Work

Identify the vision and develop a strategy on how to get there.


All hands-on deck approach through the life of the project and then some.


Bring our solutions to light while increasing business efficiencies.

why CHoose Existo?

We are dedicated to forward progress of the cannabis industry.


We understand the importance of keeping your business under wraps.


Our work has been proven in the industry.


Building relationships through trust is our motto.

Always On

Call anytime. We are devoted to providing top-notch service and support to our customers.


Welcoming to all challenges. Our vast experience comes by way of being resourceful.


Sharing knowledge and consistent teamwork is key to a successful operation.

frequently asked questions

Learn more about Existo through commonly asked questions.

What is Existo?

Simply put, we are a group of cannabis industry professionals. We’ve pioneered the way for many advancements in the field and will continue to do so.

Who is Existo?

Existo is a collective of cannabis industry professionals, each with their own unique offering. Our backgrounds have been developed in several trying industries – healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and compliance.

Can you help with my Cannabis Business?

Absolutely. Please contact us to get started.

I want to start a cannabis business.
Can you help?

Yes. We are your complete “start to finish” resource for cannabis start-ups. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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