5 Reasons Why You Need A Cannabis Cultivation Consultant

Grow Facility implemented and consulted by Existo Solutions

Hiring a cannabis cultivation consultant is a necessary investment for every grow operation. A lot of experimentation goes on behind the scenes to create a bounty of beautiful buds. In addition, managing an entire facility effectively and efficiently requires a lot of planning and preparation. Generic grow plans are widely available, but they won’t get your business very far. Every facility and operation offers its own unique challenges. This is where hands-on customization comes in. If you are deciding if you need a cultivation consultant, here are five things to consider.

Existo Solutions - Cannabis cultivation consultant

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Existo Partners With Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s Social Equity Program

The Michigan State Capitol as viewed from within Downtown Lansing, with trees, plants, office buildings, and pedestrians and cars and a driver in the foreground, and a blue sky with clouds in the background.

In light of the rapid growth and expansion of the legal marijuana industry, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has taken a proactive stance by introducing the Social Equity Program. This program acknowledges the moral responsibility to address the lasting impact of past marijuana-related convictions on individuals and communities. It wasn’t long ago when the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana were considered illegal activities. Although many states have started the process of legalizing marijuana, the consequences of these convictions continue to disproportionately affect certain communities, perpetuating social and economic disparities.

The MRA’s Social Equity Program aims to rectify this imbalance by providing support, resources, and opportunities to those individuals and communities who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs and historical marijuana convictions. By actively engaging in efforts to level the playing field, the MRA seeks to create a more equitable and inclusive cannabis industry in Michigan.

Through strategic partnerships, such as the collaboration between Existo and the MRA’s Social Equity Program, meaningful steps are being taken to address the underlying systemic issues and provide a pathway for individuals to participate in the legal cannabis market. By fostering entrepreneurship, offering education and training programs, and providing assistance with licensing and regulatory compliance, this partnership aims to empower and uplift those who have historically been marginalized.

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How to Prepare for the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection

Missouri Medical Marijuana

The Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection is one of the final steps to legally operating your business. Once your business has been issued a license to operate, you have one year to pass a Commencement Inspection by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS). Failure to pass the Commencement Inspection during this timeframe may result in your license being revoked. 

Medical marijuana businesses in the state of Missouri must navigate a complex web of rules and regulations to ensure compliance with zoning and code enforcement requirements. The Commencement Inspection serves as a crucial milestone, signifying that the business has met all the necessary criteria and is ready to legally operate. This inspection evaluates various aspects of the facility, including security measures, equipment installation, proper ventilation, waste disposal, and adherence to specific regulations related to medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or dispensing. By successfully completing the Commencement Inspection, businesses demonstrate their commitment to operating within the legal framework and meeting the stringent standards set forth by the state of Missouri.

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Existo & VIVOTEK Provide Security Solutions For Michigan Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Existo Solutions Cannabis Facility Security

Security for your cannabis facility plays a major role in cannabis business compliance in Michigan. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has stringent requirements when it comes to security camera coverage and data storage at cannabis facilities. Access control, loss prevention, fire, and alarm systems are also part of the Michigan MRA Security Requirements. Cannabis compliance experts can implement a Security Plan at your facility to meet these requirements for licensing.

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