Existo is a dedicated Flowhub consultant. We are here to get your retail store online using the best-in-class cannabis POS system. We can assist your operation with hardware procurement, installation and on-site support.

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The retail management platform for modern dispensaries

Flowhub provides intuitive point-of-sale software, inventory management, and mobile solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Hundreds of cannabis retailers trust Flowhub to automate daily compliance reporting and process over $1B in cannabis sales annually.

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Existo provides on-site consulting services for Flowhub.
We are here to get your retail store online using the best-in-class cannabis POS system.

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Included Flowhub Features

There is no better Metrc integrator in the United States than Existo. Ensure that your business remains compliant by working with us.

Consulting Services
Easy Customer Check-in

Fast ID verification and check in for modern cannabis retailers. Give every customer the red-carpet treatment with a speedy check in process integrated with your point of sale.


Stash is a simple mobile application pre-loaded on the handheld NUG scanner device for accurate inventory audits and transfers across multiple store locations.

metrc - cannabis retail POS systems integration

Flowhub seamlessly integrates into Metrc when available. Import new packages of inventory from Metrc. Verify package tags with pre-populated inventory information. Push sales reports to Metrc daily or automatically after each sale. Reconcile physical and reported data with the Inventory Discrepancy Report.

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Integrated Payment Processing - Cannabis Retail POS Systems - Existo Michigan

Integrated Payment Processing

Start accepting cards at your dispensary. Submit payments directly to a bank account. Offer your customers a convenient way to pay. Easily reconcile your cashless terminals at the end of the day. Increase sales by upwards of 30% per transaction.

We offer low transaction fees and dedicated support. Contact Us to get started – no Point of Sale Software neccessary.

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Are you looking to replace your existing cannabis retail POS system with a retail platform that gives you more control of your operations?

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Cannabis Cultivation Consulting - Existo Solutions

Existo Cultivation Consulting

Cannabis cultivation is a science and an art; it requires the proper combination of a number of variables to achieve the desired outcome. Designing a facility and implementing processes that are capable of efficiently producing high quality cannabis can be a challenge. The experts at Existo are here to help. With a compliance first approach, we can assist with all aspects of cannabis cultivation.

Start-up Consulting and Implementation

Interested in starting up your own legal cannabis business, but not sure where to begin? Existo offers compliance focused startup consultation services with detailed planning to ensure success with your cannabis business in Michigan.

On top of business consulting, Existo provides services and consultations for every step of your business journey. From initial discussions to design, install, and implementation, you will receive quality recommendations and services. In addition, Existo has partnered with leading suppliers in the United States to offer affordable and reliable tools, parts, and supplies.

Grow Facility implemented and consulted by Existo Solutions
Dark Blue Technologies is a managed service provider servicing technology needs of businesses and organizations.

Technology for Your Business and Facilities

Our partners at Dark Blue Technologies offer modern and top-of-the-line information technology solutions. With experts focused on delivering modern and reliable solutions, Existo has partnered with Dark Blue Technologies as a leading service provider.

Dark Blue Technologies offers solutions for facility security, cyber security, IT hardware management, and more. In addition to one-off services, they provide consistent and reliable service as an IT managed service provider, ensuring clients receive help and support throughout.

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