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How to Prepare for the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection

The Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection is one of the final steps to legally operating your business. Once your business has been issued a license to operate, you have one year to pass a Commencement Inspection by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS). Failure to pass the Commencement Inspection during this timeframe may result in your license being revoked. 

After successful completion of the Commencement Inspection, your business is ready to legally operate in the state of Missouri. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes down to Commencement Inspection time for your facility. Most businesses have zoning and code enforcement rules they must comply with. In addition to these requirements, Medical Marijuana businesses face an additional set of rules and regulations to follow. 

When To Request Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection

Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation advises licensed facilities to request a Commencement Inspection when they believe they are ready to open within about a month. This means that all documentation, plans, and facility requirements must be established. If your facility fails the Commencement Inspection or requires multiple visits, this can significantly delay the approval process. It’s important to get it right the first time.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection Application

The Commencement Inspection process begins with the application. DHSS staff will review the facility application along with required documentation. This is how they will make a determination if a facility is ready for inspection. Some of the documents you are expected to provide with your application include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Facility Layout
  • Employee Training Materials
  • Transportation Policies & Procedures

After Your Submit Your Commencement Inspection Application

Once you have submitted your application and accompanying documents, it’s time to complete the final steps prior to your Commencement Inspection:

  • Metrc Registration – Establish your business with Metrc and designate a System Administrator.
  • Apply for Agent ID Card – Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation requires all employees, owners, operators, contractors, and other support staff to obtain an Agent ID Card. Agent ID Card holders must have their ID on them at all times while inside the facility or while performing any duties on the facility’s behalf.
  • Create Required Record Logs – Establish and document log and record keeping process for your facility. 
  • NTEP Certification for Scales – All scales used in the facility must be NTEP Certified. Under Missouri law, scales must be certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures.
  • Compile Documents – Gather all required documents that DHSS will review during the inspection. Full list of documents can be found here.

Preparing for the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection is no easy task. It takes months to plan out and document every detail of your facility. The experts at Existo have helped all facility types with inspection preparation. We want to help your facility pass the inspection!

Schedule A FREE Consultation With Existo’s Virtual Compliance Officer

Our Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO) service puts Existo’s team of experts on your front-line. The VCO group will act as your in-house compliance resource to help your facility prepare for and pass the Missouri Medical Marijuana Commencement Inspection. From facilities design and permitting to everyday operations, our experts are with you each step of the way. Schedule your consultation here.

Existo Solutions Cannabis Facility Security
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Existo & VIVOTEK Provide Security Solutions For Michigan Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Security for your cannabis facility plays a major role in cannabis business compliance in Michigan. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has stringent requirements when it comes to security camera coverage and data storage at cannabis facilities. Access control, loss prevention, fire, and alarm systems are also part of the Michigan MRA Security Requirements. Cannabis compliance experts can implement a Security Plan at your facility to meet these requirements for licensing.

Security And Cannabis Compliance Go Hand In Hand

Michigan MRA requires all licensed cannabis businesses to participate in a tracking system designed to provide transparency in the supply chain. To fulfill this requirement, Michigan MRA has chosen Metrc to provide seed-to-sale tracking of all cannabis products. Security and surveillance is another tool that can be used to monitor inventory. A robust Security Plan can help deter theft and loss of product.

VIVOTEK FE9181-H fisheye fixed dome network security camera for indoors and general work areas

Flawless Security Planning For Cultivation Facilities

Existo recently executed a flawless Security Plan for a new cultivation facility in Northern Michigan, Freedom Green. Freedom Green is a 45,000 sq ft facility that focuses on sustainable, high quality cannabis for medical and recreational use. This facility has six different rooms used to grow and harvest quality controlled cannabis. 

After inspecting the building, we quickly got to work developing a Security Plan to protect the facility and satisfy the MRA security requirements. The MRA requires cameras that can capture clear images of people and activities, at all times. This goes for both inside and outside the facility. 

Grow facilities offer a unique challenge when it comes to security camera surveillance. With varying climates inside grow rooms as well as areas with low lighting, Existo was faced with designing a security camera layout that could be implemented in the facility while satisfying the MRA requirements.

For this project, Existo teamed up with VIVOTEK to establish proper security monitoring of this cultivation facility. As the leading brand in global security surveillance, VIVOTEK offers a variety of high quality products to choose from. In order to cover all areas inside and outside the facility, A total of 70 cameras were used. Each camera was carefully selected for all areas of this facility.

VIVOTEK’s ND9541 H.265 Linux-based embedded standalone NVR

Access Control Solutions For Cannabis Facilities

The Security Plan for this facility also included door access control systems from Paxton Net2 controller suite. Paxton provides state of the art access control technology for buildings around the world. Their technology is user friendly and allows security personnel to easily control access to the building and restricted areas.

Existo And VIVOTEK Exceed Michigan MRA Security Requirements

In addition to assisting this facility pass inspection, the system we designed was complimented as the highest quality in terms of coverage and camera quality by the MRA enforcement agent during the state licensing walkthrough.

Security Planning For Your Cannabis Facility

Existo takes a compliance first approach when it comes to security and technology solutions for your cannabis business. We have been a trusted partner in the cannabis industry providing Security Plans and solutions for all facility types. With cutting edge technology and an in-depth knowledge of cannabis compliance regulations, Existo can design a Security Plan for your facility. Contact Us today for a free Security Plan consultation for your cannabis facility!

West Virginia Welcomes Metrc Seed-to-Sale tracking
Cannabis GrowersCannabis RetailMetrcWest Virginia

West Virginia Welcomes Metrc for Seed-to-Sale Tracking

The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) in West Virginia has selected Metrc as their new seed-to-sale tracking provider for the state of West Virginia’s medical cannabis industry. OMC Director, Jason Frame, said that this is an important step to provide patients safe access to medical cannabis. While the COVID-19 Pandemic has devastated many other industries across the country, the OMC says that it has not stopped them from continuing to lay the groundwork for a safe and regulated medical cannabis industry. West Virginia’s partnership with Metrc will allow for regulatory oversight and enforcement of growers, processors, distributors, and dispensaries.

Cannabis RetailCannabis TechnologyMetrc

Oklahoma Welcomes Metrc for Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) just announced that Metrc has been awarded the contract for their statewide seed-to-sale tracking system. In a press release issued on September 18th, 2020; OMMA stated that this move is part of a greater effort aimed at ensuring accountability and safety throughout the state of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry. 

Oklahoma currently has almost 10,000 active cannabis business licenses and over 342,000 active patient licenses. OMMA’s partnership with Metrc will provide greater regulation in the industry while reinforcing patient safety.

RFID Solutions for the Legal Cannabis Industry - Existo Solutions
Cannabis RetailCannabis TechnologyMetrc

RFID Solutions for Your Legal Cannabis Business

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology offers many conveniences for all facility types in the legal cannabis industry. This technology has a variety of uses for retail, access control, and electronic payment methods. RFID is perfectly suited for the highly regulated legal cannabis industry because it can accurately track and report data. One of the best uses of this technology is to track products from seed-to-sale for regulatory compliance.

NTEP Scale for Cannabis Industry
Cannabis RetailCannabis Technology

Are Your Scales NTEP Certified?

Cannabis is a product that has been bought and sold by weight since before it was legalized. Prior to legalization, cannabis was bought and sold using scales with pretty questionable accuracy. When sold in small amounts, it might not make a difference to a seller’s bottom line. However, with legalization and expansion of the retail cannabis industry, accuracy and precision in scales used for commercial transactions are imperative. By using NTEP Certified scales, you can ensure that every transaction is precise.

Business Communications Solutions for the Cannabis Industry
Cannabis RetailCannabis Technology

Business Communication Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Nationwide social distancing orders have changed the way that just about all retail stores do business. The cannabis industry is no exception. In order to keep up with the demand for curbside and delivery services, cannabis provisioning centers must have the right technical infrastructure in place. Initially, as statewide stay-at-home orders were implemented, many retail cannabis businesses had to quickly improvise to adapt to the changing environment in order to keep operations running. As we are starting to see, things are not going back to “normal.” Instead, we’re starting to see a new normal. Things that were meant to be temporary fixes will no longer work now that there will be new regulations and mandates to follow. 

Cannabis Retail

Are Your Cannabis Business SOPs Documented Correctly For COVID-19?

Now that you have gotten the hang of operating your cannabis business in the current COVID-19 environment, it’s time to make sure these new processes are documented. Chances are that daily business operations have drastically changed over the last few months. In order to continue serving customers, many retail cannabis businesses had to completely overhaul operations to keep their doors open and keep everyone safe. They had to quickly adapt to remain in compliance while operating under additional restrictions. While adapting quickly, getting around to formally documenting these new practices might have gotten overlooked. 

4 Essentials of an Effective Curbside & Delivery Service for your Cannabis Business - Existo Solutions
Cannabis Retail

4 Essentials of an Effective Curbside & Delivery Service for your Cannabis Business

There has never been a better time to launch curbside and delivery services for your retail cannabis business! During the COVID-19 pandemic, most cannabis businesses have been deemed essential, authorizing them to remain open to the public under the condition that they observe social distancing guidelines. Many states have even issued temporary licenses and authority to offer curbside and delivery services for legal cannabis. With these new mandates in place all over the country, curbside and delivery is the safest way for people to obtain their favorite cannabis products. In addition to providing a safe distance between employees and customers, it also makes your products more accessible to individuals who are less mobile, such as people who are elderly or disabled.

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