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Existo is Michigan’s preferred Cannabis Facility Security provider. We specialize in Camera Surveillance, Door Access Control, Planning, Loss Prevention, & More.

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Cannabis Facility Security Systems

Security is one of the most important facets of a cannabis business. Not only is it necessary to keep everyone safe, it’s a requirement from state and local law enforcement. Existo is here to make security simple for you and your business.

From Provisioning Centers to Cultivation Facilities, we have a security solution that delivers results without breaking the bank. Contact us today to schedule a free system consultation.

An easy to manage Security Suite that integrates Camera Surveillance, Door Access Control, and Loss Prevention into one comprehensive solution.

Security System Features

It doesn’t matter what kind of facility you operate, whether it’s a Provisioning Center or a Cultivation Facility, we have a security solution that delivers results without breaking the bank.

Core Features
Camera Surveillance

Our camera surveillance package is network based that features intelligent POE cameras and an expandable NVRs.

Door Access Control

Easy to manage Door Access Control. Log, track, and manage all points of entry in your facility.

Loss Prevention

Monitor your Point of Sale transactions with our camera surveillance system. Record and Save a 10 second clip per transaction.


Easily integrate a number of security based add-ons with our Security platform. Speakers, I/O, and Access Control.

Action Rules

Link devices that are connected to the I/O module with Action Rules, allowing different devices to interact with each other.

Camera Support

Support for a wide range of devices and deep integration with advanced camera features.

Upgrade Now

Free Cannabis Facility Security System Consultation

The Existo Security Suite gives you complete control of your cannabis facility. Advanced camera surveillance with integrated door access control. Loss Prevention ties your Point of Sale system events into the surveillance suite. Our cannabis surveillance suite is built for compliance.

Contact us today for your free security system consultation.

More Services and Solutions

Advanced Camera Surveillance Analytics

Integrate Video Content Analysis Technology (Smart VCA/Smart 360 VCA) from VIVOTEK’s cameras, making VAST 2 able to support display of VCA rules in liveview, bounding box on detected objects, alarm management and event-search functions. Provide improved accuracy for people and object detection, while reducing false alarms. This is an enhanced feature to Cannabis Facility Security systems installed by Existo. 

Existo Solutions Vivotek VAST2 Video Analytics
Existo Solutions - Paxton Net2 Door Access Control

Door Access Control

Door Access Control systems are crucial to securing your cannabis facility. Knowing when and who enters your building will bring peace of mind to your security personnel. Existo is an official reseller of Paxton’s Net2 controller suite. 

Combining the Vivotek’s VAST2 VMS platform with the Paxton Net2 Access Control suite will give you a complete security overview of your cannabis facility at all times. Contact us today to schedule a demo or an in-person walk-through of an operational cannabis facility.

Integrated IT

Existo’s technicians have advanced backgrounds in Information Technology. All security platforms that we install take an IT mindset first. Our customer’s benefit from a tech forward security stack combined with enterprise IT experience. Learn more about our IT offering to cannabis facilities.

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Dark Blue Technologies is a managed service provider servicing technology needs of businesses and organizations.

Technology for Your Business and Facilities

Our partners at Dark Blue Technologies offer modern and top-of-the-line information technology solutions. With experts focused on delivering modern and reliable solutions, Existo has partnered with Dark Blue Technologies as a leading service provider.

Dark Blue Technologies offers solutions for facility security, cyber security, IT hardware management, and more. In addition to one-off services, they provide consistent and reliable service as an IT managed service provider, ensuring clients receive help and support throughout.

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