Cannabis Payment Processing

Existo offers a full line of payment processing, including Point-of-Sale solutions, for your cannabis operation. From retail to delivery, we have a payment solution for you.

Cannabis POS system

Accept Debit & Credit Cards

Accepting debit and credit cards at your cannabis operation is crucial to the success of your business. We have taken the worry out of cannabis payment processing. Our solutions are tested & secure.

A fully integrated payment option will leave a lasting impression on your customers. With our custom-tailored payment solutions, we can meet all of your payment needs.

Cannabis Payment Processing Features

By partnering with us, you won’t have to worry about cannabis payments being processed. All of our solutions have been tested and are secure.

Core Features
Cashless ATM

Give your customers convenience of withdrawing cash in your store while eliminating physical currency.


Process electronic checks send email invoices, and accept online payments with our Secure Payment Gateway.

ACH / Debit

PIN Debit has been one of the most trusted forms of payment processing for cannabis businesses.


Generate custom reports to help you make better business decisions. Program your reports to run automatically.

Online Payments

Power your e-store and accept online payments through our Secure Gateway.


Existo offers a secure and compliant solution tailored to the needs of MMJ delivery merchants.

Upgrade Now

Upgrade your Payment Processing System

Are you looking to replace your existing cannabis payment processor with a solution that is trusted and secure?

Our cannabis payment processing offerings are custom tailored for your business type.

Contact us today to get started!

More Features and Solutions

Retail Cannabis

Accepting check cards and ATM cards is crucial in today’s business environment no matter what type of business you operate. Our Cashless ATM, PIN-Based Debit, and Full-Blown Credit Card solutions give your customers access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your dispensary.

Each solution is tailored to your unique payment needs, with custom pricing models (with or without a consumer surcharge structure) to ensure that your customers have the best payment experience at the point-of-sale while your operations are maximized in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Accept Debit Credit Cards - Cannabis Payment Processing Michigan - Existo Solutions

Cannabis Delivery Service

We offer a secure and compliant solution tailored to the needs of MMJ delivery merchants. The transaction is processed on the most up-to-date terminal hardware equipment. Terminal equipment is modern, sleek-looking, portable, with built-in 4G / LTE connectivity.

Our Secure Payment Gateway has robust sales, applications, merchant boarding, and support teams that are always on the clock to assist merchants at each stage of the process to implement a payment solution for their businesses.

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