Cannabis Security Consultants

Existo’s Cannabis Security Consultants are subject matter experts for all aspects of security. We provide Risk Assessment, Planning, Operation Procedures, Management, and Training for security aspects related to cannabis operations.

Cannabis Security Consultants - Existo Solutions

Modern and Reliable Security Services for your cannabis business

From Security Plans to Camera Surveillance, Existo is can bring value to your cannabis operation. We bring over 30 years of security experience by way of the Secret Service and corporate infrastructure.

Our professional cannabis security consultants have over 30 years of combined security experience by way of the Secret Service, Corporate Infrastructure and Healthcare Organizations.

Expert Cannabis Security Consultants

Our top-of-the-line information technology services and solutions will ensure your grow facilities are well implemented and supported from the start. From initial consultation to advanced security and monitoring, we have you covered.

Cannabis Security Planning

The most cost-effective and efficient way to begin reducing potential security risks is to start before your construction begins by developing a security plan using the overlays and blueprints for the project envisioned.

An important place to start any cannabis-related business is with security. This means writing the required security plan to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. Some key components to all of our security plans include:

Technology: Surveillance cameras, access control, and intrusion detection (alarms)

Overall Physical Security: Vaults, safes, ballistic resistant materials, fences, restricted and limited-access areas

Protocols for Security: Related policies and procedures

Background checks: Procedures for employees

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Integrated Security Systems

The facility security systems that we engineer and install leverage the best-in-class equipment with modern technology practice. We package camera surveillance, door access control, and alarm services into one easy-to-manage software suite.

Our service does not stop at after the inital security systems installation. We are a fully managed service provider that is dedicated to the cannabis industry. Our helpdesk technicians are standing by to assist you with any questions you might have.

Technology for Business and Facilities

Our partners at Dark Blue Technologies offer modern and top-of-the-line information technology solutions. With experts focused on delivering modern and reliable solutions, Existo has partnered with Dark Blue Technologies as a leading service provider.

Dark Blue Technologies offers solutions for facility security, cyber security, IT hardware management, and more. In addition to one-off services, they provide consistent and reliable service as an IT managed service provider, ensuring clients receive help and support throughout.


As experts in the cannabis industry, we provide sublime solutions for your business.

Security Plans

Our security plans are focused on on approval of your state/local application, safety & security, and product security.

Risk Assessment

An in-depth study that identifies vulnerabilities of your facility and its most valuable assets: people, product, and cash.

Security Training

Existo teaches courses on Security Awareness, Armed Robbery Procedures, Active Shooter Training, and Hostile Terminations.

Camera Surveillance

Existo is a licensed low-voltage contractor specializing in all aspects of camera surveillance and data networking.

Access Control

Monitor and limit facility access to your employees and guests with an Access Control system from Existo.

Project Management

Existo’s security experts can properly guide you through the necessary security measures your facility will require.

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