The COVID-19 Shutdown – 3 Tips for Operating Your Cannabis Business During

3 Tips for Operating Your Cannabis Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Existo Solutions

During the unprecedented COVID-19 shutdown, when non-essential businesses have been forced to close their doors, it might come as a surprise that marijuana businesses have been deemed essential in many states. While people are urged to stay at home and venture out only for necessities like groceries and prescription medications, the inclusion of retail and medical marijuana dispensaries on the list of essential businesses provides a lifeline for both business owners and customers.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that this new status quo does not imply a return to “business as usual.” As we all navigate through these challenging times and adapt to a new way of conducting business, the shopping patterns and behaviors of marijuana customers have undergone significant changes. To help your retail cannabis business thrive in the face of the COVID-19 shutdown, here are some invaluable tips to consider.

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