Missouri welcomes Metrc Seed to Sale Cannabis Tracking

Missouri seed to sale tracking software Metrc

Metrc, a leading seed to sale tracking platform renowned for its comprehensive and robust capabilities, has recently secured the prestigious position as the official tracking system of Missouri. In a significant development for the state’s cannabis industry, Metrc successfully won the bid, amounting to a substantial investment of $5 million dollars over the next 5 years.

As the chosen technology partner, Metrc’s state-of-the-art platform will be instrumental in overseeing and regulating every crucial stage of the cannabis ecosystem in Missouri, from cultivation and manufacturing to distribution and sales. This strategic alliance with Metrc ensures that Missouri’s cannabis industry will benefit from cutting-edge tracking and monitoring technology, empowering regulators, businesses, and consumers alike with accurate and transparent information throughout the entire seed to sale process.

Missouri welcomes Metrc Seed to Sale Cannabis Tracking
The St. Louis, Missouri skyline. Missouri welcomes Metrc to the Midwest.

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