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Trolmaster is a horticulture company that produces Controllers focused around cannabis cultivation. Their product line is extremely flexible and can be suited for every growers needs. From eviromental control to irrigation,TM as a controller that is able to automate your operations.

Trolmaster Existo Solutions

Trolmaster & Existo

If you’re searching for a partner to help with Trolmaster, look no further. We are certified TM Installers that offer a wide range of services including design, installation, and support. If you are looking to implement a TrolMaster system for your facility, or need troubleshooting with a current system, we can help.

Existo is a certified Trolmaster Installer in the state of Michigan. Partner with us to ensure your equipment remains operating correctly.

What is Trolmaster?

TM is a hardware based agricultural controller that will manage enviromental, irrigation, and CO2 alarm. The platform has been developed to adapt to growers needs, no matter the size of the facility. From a hobby or basement grower all the way to larger commercial facilities, the platform can be utilized to manage your grow operations.

Hydro-X Pro Control System

The Hydro-x Pro is designed to be a single room controller for reliability and ease-of-use. The Hydro-X Pro expands the capability of the original Hydro-X by allowing up to 50 sensors and up to 50 separate control modules to be connected to a single Hydro-X Pro. Multiple sub-zones can be created within the single grow space by linking a specific sensor, to a specific control function(s).The new 4-in-1 sensor comes with a LCD screen which provide the ease of onside monitoring.

Hydro-X Pro Control System Existo Solutions

Get TrolMaster Support From Existo

We are not just seasoned cultivation technology integrators; we are also certified platform installers and trainers. It’s essential to work with experienced architects, engineers, and cannabis consultants who have expertise in cannabis facility design and compliance to create a successful operation. Existo Solutions has professionals experienced with TrolMaster and other cannabis systems to help. Our team of skilled technicians are ready to assist you with any support requirements you may have. Explore our TrolMaster support services.

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Services by Existo

Partner with us to ensure your Trolmaster equipment remains operating correctly.

Our Core Services
System Design

Existo offers a full Trolmaster system design service. Environmental, Irrigation, and CO2 platforms covered. Each design includes an engineered plan for each grow room, specifications for each accessory needed, and a Bill of Materials for all TM gear.


We have full time installation technicians on staff that are able to install a Trolmaster system efficiently and to industry standards. Our installation service includes all labor and material necessary to bring your system to life. All cabling installed is custom made and wire managed.

Configuration & Training

Need a hand configuring your gear? No worries, we can provide a base line configuration around specific details your head grower provides. We’ll provide detailed, hands-on, training to all of your staff members needing to adjust any Trolmaster variables.


We offer dedicated troubleshooting for your system by providing direct support whenever you need us. Our skilled technicians are trained to quickly diagnose and remedy issues right away in order to keep your operations up and running. Our troubleshooting services are billed on a per case basis.

We have several solutions available to help keep your grow facility operational with Trolmaster. Our services range from system design to troubleshooting for all of the controller lines – Hydro, Aqua, and Carbon X. Contact Existo to get started.

Existo Solutions - Cannabis Facility Design
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We are here to assist your operation with Trolmaster. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.

More Services and Solutions
Cannabis Cultivation Consulting - Existo Solutions

Existo Cultivation Consulting

Cannabis cultivation is a science and an art; it requires the proper combination of a number of variables to achieve the desired outcome. Designing a facility and implementing processes that are capable of efficiently producing high quality cannabis can be a challenge. The experts at Existo are here to help. With a compliance first approach, we can assist with all aspects of cannabis cultivation.

Metrc® Consulting with Existo

Metrc is the regulatory cannabis system that offers a transparent and comprehensive framework for tracking, tracing, and reporting for your cannabis business, seed-to-sale. If you’re searching for a partner to help with Metrc, look no further.

As a leading ​Metrc​ consultant in the United States, Existo knows how to expertly apply this mandatory framework into your business, saving you time and money. Our compliance experts are standing by to assist you and your business with Metrc. We offer a full line of compliance related consulting services.

Metrc Expert Consulting - Existo Solutions. Metrc logo overlayed on a black and white photograph of cannabis
Dark Blue Technologies is a managed service provider servicing technology needs of businesses and organizations.

Technology for Your Business and Facilities

Our partners at Dark Blue Technologies offer modern and top-of-the-line information technology solutions. With experts focused on delivering modern and reliable solutions, Existo has partnered with Dark Blue Technologies as a leading service provider.

Dark Blue Technologies offers solutions for facility security, cyber security, IT hardware management, and more. In addition to one-off services, they provide consistent and reliable service as an IT managed service provider, ensuring clients receive help and support throughout.

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